Tourists from Turkey are leading among foreign tourists in Azerbaijan


Turkey ranks first in terms of the number of tourists arriving in Azerbaijan. According to the Report, Deputy Chairman of the Tourism Department of Azerbaijan Bahruz Askerov told Anadolu agency on Monday. He added that the number of tourists from Turkey in January-May this year amounted to 116,243 people, which exceeds the figure of Russia, where a total of 115,468 tourists visited Azerbaijan during the same period.

B. Askerov said that Azerbaijan is a very good place for holding congresses, meetings and event tourism.

"We can receive tourists from many countries due to our strategic and geographical location. There are both luxury and boutique hotels in Azerbaijan. This makes it possible to receive tourists and participants with any budget," he said.

Noting that Turkey and Azerbaijan have very good relations, both at the institutional and state level, B. Askerov said that this situation opens up great opportunities for doing business between the two countries.

He said that many people come to Turkey from Azerbaijan for health tourism and that they also offer such services in their country, noting: "We have advanced SPA and wellness services."

B. Askerov said that a health tourism center has been created on the basis of Naftalan oil treatment.

"The oil there is very healing, but we have few tourists coming to this center from Turkey," he said, explaining this mainly by the lack of information and advertising.

Noting that it is very easy to travel between Turkey and Azerbaijan, since there is no need for a visa or even a passport, and you can only come to Azerbaijan with an identity card, Askerov said: "Turks mostly come to Azerbaijan as part of business tourism."

"But in recent years we have seen that cultural tourism has also increased. Recently, youtubers and influencers from Turkey have begun to come often," B. Askerov said.

Noting that the tourism potential between Turkey and Azerbaijan may increase, the Deputy Chairman of the Department said: "In fact, there is such a situation between Azerbaijan and Turkey: everyone knows that Azerbaijan exists, but they do not have a full idea of its tourist potential.

They think they know Azerbaijan, but the moment they arrive, they see a different country, that we have a different culture, and that although we are similar, we have a different and unique culture, and that we have beautiful places.",

The protocol allowing citizens of Turkey and Azerbaijan to travel between the two countries using only identity cards came into force in April 2021.

After Azerbaijan abolished the visa regime for Turkish citizens, the periods of residence in both countries without a visa were increased to 90 days from 30 days

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