Currency rates of Turkish commercial banks

Bank name buysale buysale buysale buysale
Turkiye Cumhuriyet Merkez Bankasıa 17.658717.7295 18.473318.5473 19.660119.8061
Türkiye İş Bankası 17.670717.9297 18.435818.706 19.678419.9668
Garanti Bank 17.67317.913 18.44418.694 19.68919.956
Denizbank 17.678517.9297 18.444918.705 19.684419.9935 0.29730.323
Akbank 17.621317.9201 18.39418.704 19.615119.9513
Fibabanka 17.620917.9522 18.399118.6485 19.603419.9042 0.31190.3191
ING Bank 17.6917.8527 18.445318.5899 19.680219.8372 0.29810.333
Şekerbank 17.651417.9845 18.42118.7638 19.641920.0418

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